3 Basement Remodeling Trends for 2013 and an Extra One for Fun

February 21st 2013

3 Basement Remodeling Trends for 2013 and an Extra One for Fun

1.  Fireplaces. Basements are notoriously dark, surrounded by concrete walls and under ground. Many homeowners are requesting fireplace installations with glass fronts to bring a point of light. In a basement remodeling project, they are installed more for aesthetics, more so than heat. Most basement fireplaces today are gas rather than wood burning. But either way, the flue must be vented outside of the house. Venting is a bit easier in walk out basement remodeling jobs, but full concrete can be drilled through if necessary.

2.  A dedicated TV area. Even if you’re not into the full-blown media room craze, you should include an area for the TV in your basement remodeling plans. Living rooms aren’t designed for watching TV anymore. With open floor plans, there are often just a few available walls so the TV ends up above fireplace. If you’ve ever tried watching TV above a fireplace then you know the viewing angle isn’t great.If your vision of a basement remodel means turning it into a theatre experience with a projector, surround sound and theater seating, well, Built By Design does that too. Hey, we’re guys after all.

3.  An extra bedroom with adjacent bathroom. An extra bedroom included in a basement remodel is convenient for guests. The connecting bath makes guests feel they have their own space. The bath should be a ¾ bath with toilet, sink and shower. With 2 doors, the basement bathroom functions as a general basement bath and a guest bath.Plus, an extra bedroom is a pretty inexpensive way to increase resale value. Your home can be listed as a 5- versus a 4-bedroom house. It’s also a flexible space that can be used as a study, playroom or home office for you or the next owners. An extra bedroom and ¾ bathroom can be included in full concrete or walk out basement remodeling project. But the bathroom has to have a window to be considered a bedroom by code.

4.  Remodel your basement however you want! Basements don’t follow traditional trends like kitchens and master baths do.

Your basement remodel is your opportunity to focus on what’s important to you. Craft room? Sure. Wet bar for entertaining? Of course. Exercise room. No problem. A pool hall? You betcha. Basement remodeling gives you a blank slate where you can do anything. Pick a theme. Pick a function. This is where you can build the space you’ve dreamed about.

The basement can be a whole different look and feel from rest of the house. It’s wide open. It’s bonus space so have fun with it. All of your home’s functionality is available in the rest of the living areas.