3 Easy Home Upgrades that are Popular and Affordable

April 23rd 2013

3 Easy Home Upgrades that are Popular and Affordable

So those little features about your home that were so charming when you moved in now get on your last nerve. You’ve grown bored with color schemes. Dark and cozy rooms now feel claustrophobic. Faucets that were once cutting edge are hopelessly outdated. Home style and design runs in cycles, but you’re beginning to think it’ll be decades before your home is considered retro cool.

The financial investment, uncertainty of how long you’ll live in your home, still deciding what you want from your remodel and other factors make full home remodeling difficult for some homeowners. But there are three easy home upgrades that are popular, affordable and can tide you over until you’re ready for an extensive home remodeling.

Home upgrade #1: Painting

Interior painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home and you can paint an entire room for under a couple hundred dollars—paint, supplies and all. Painting is one of those non-committal home upgrades that can easily and quickly be changed whenever you want. The new generation of paint plus primer allows you to upgrade your home’s look with just one coat. Many rooms can be painted in an afternoon.

Home upgrade #2: Lighting

Lighting is another affordable home upgrade. Outdated lighting fixtures are a telltale sign of a home that could use a little upgrading. By swapping out old fixtures for more modern designs, you can bring a room up to date with little labor and expense.

Home upgrade #3: Faucets

Single or two handles? Water saving options? Wall or sink mount? Kitchen and bath faucets come in a wide range of styles, prices and finishes. Since faucets are used multiple times a day, new fixtures are a noticeable home upgrade. Do-it-yourself homeowners can tackle faucet replacement, but even if you have to call a plumber, upgraded faucets are still an affordable home upgrade.

The best thing about these three easy home upgrades is that they can be incorporated into your more extensive kitchen and bath remodeling project when you’re ready to begin.