A Great Kitchen DESIGN Starts with a Great Floor Plan

August 13th 2012

A Great Kitchen DESIGN Starts with a Great Floor Plan

The more planning that goes into a project, the better the result. When creating a floor plan for your new kitchen design it’s important to know your must-haves and your would-be-nice to haves. Keeping a running list of what works in your kitchen now and what doesn’t helps keep your vision for your kitchen design clear and on track. Whether your new kitchen design involves massive structural changes or minor updates, here are a few design ideas to keep in mind for a great kitchen floor plan. 

Include a kitchen island in your design. The kitchen is the inevitable gathering place during parties, holidays or just nightly family dinners. If you have the room, include an island in your kitchen design project. A kitchen island centers the room and offers a place to sit and talk, a place to prep or serve food and will be the focal point for guests—keeping them out of your cooking space and your way.

Make sure the kitchen provides a view to the rest of your home. Open floor plans aren’t just a trend. They are a quintessential element of good design. Even if your kitchen is cut off from the other rooms in your home, it’s possible to remove an interior wall or open more space to create a better flow throughout your house.

Build in a technology hub. Most kitchen designs include a desk or nook of some kind with a phone jack and an electrical outlet. That just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s technology and gadgets require far more docking stations and charging areas. Include a dedicated area to charge and keep your devices. Plus, with a central location, you and the kids will always know where your phones are.

Go for a nice large pantry. A walk-in pantry if at all possible. Double ovens sound good in theory, but unless you’re a professional chef, baker or run a catering business out of your home a walk-in pantry is more useful. Chances are that a second oven will end up as storage space except on holidays, but you’ll appreciate a roomy pantry every day of the year.

Design for the way you live. Your custom kitchen remodel should be centered on how you intend to use it. In the end, if your kitchen doesn’t reflect your lifestyle, it won’t feel like home.

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