Three Bathroom Renovations that Add Value to Your Overland Park Home

December 10th 2012

Three Bathroom Renovations that Add Value to Your Overland Park Home

Remodeling your bathroom… To refresh or to completely renovate—that is the question. The answer depends on your motivation. Are you remodeling your bath to sell the home, to create a spa-like oasis for your own personal enjoyment, or is it just so hopelessly outdated that you can’t stand to look at it anymore?

Chances are that you’ll eventually sell your home. For potential home buyers,  bathrooms can be a make or break it factor. Bathrooms, the tiniest rooms in your house, are selling points. Since bathroom remodeling requires an investment, buyers want homes with loos that meet their expectations now. They don’t want to put a lot of money into remodeling a bathroom on the heels of buying the home.

You can’t go wrong with three bathroom renovations when it comes to adding value to your Johnson County home. Plus all three are relatively easy for your bathroom remodeling contractor to handle and are an affordable investment that can be recouped when you sell.

Install double or separate vanities.

Home builders often overlook this bathroom rule because of the cost involved. Separate vanities are a must in today’s market, especially for couples whose priorities include keeping their sanity. Vanity height has changed too. The standard bathroom vanity height used to be 31”. Now it’s common for a 36” vanity (standard kitchen height) to be included in bathroom remodeling projects. Want to get really trendy? Make the men’s side 39”.

If your budget is tight and there’s room, the bathroom sinks can be installed within 30” of one another to avoid installing additional drainage and supply lines.

Bigger, walk-in showers are better than little, claustrophobic showers.

We’re talking bathroom showers that you can turn around it, sit down on the shower seat and enjoy the refreshing streams of water flowing down from multiple shower heads. It’s a touch of extravagant indulgence that is very affordable in the grand scheme of bathroom remodeling.

Overcome the bathroom lighting sins of the builder.

Lighting can be costly, which is why home builders tend to install a few can lights above the bathroom sink and call it a day. Since buyers walk through homes during daylight hours, bad bathroom lighting isn’t noticeable until after you move in.

Bathrooms need accent lighting, just like your kitchen, with separate switches for vanity, shower, and over the tub lights. Bathroom vanity lights should be sconces and installed on the side of the mirror instead of above it, which creates those shadows that make you wonder why you look tired in the mirror.

Master bathroom remodeling increases your home’s appeal. When planning your master bathroom renovations, keep in mind buyers are looking for two vanities, big showers and flattering lighting. Include these renovations in your master bath and you’ll increase the value of your home in Johnson County.