It’s Not Easy Being Green. But It Could be Worth It.

April 4th 2013

It’s Not Easy Being Green. But It Could be Worth It.

Green Remodeling has gone from a fad to a given in the matter of a few short years. A survey got the remodeling contractor industry talking. Turns out, people wanted sustainable, earth-friendly remodeling. Many Olathe remodeling companies responded and there was a shift in the trade. You were either a green remodeler or you were shut out of the next big thing.

Then a funny thing happened. A second survey came out asking customers if they were interested in green remodeling even though it would come at a higher cost. The response to that survey also had a jarring affect on the industry. Those surveyed said they weren’t interested if it meant more money. But by then green remodeling options were here to stay.

The ever-growing green machine

Today, the results of the green home remodeling movement can be seen throughout the industry. You can now practice sustainable forestry – meaning you plant trees for the lumber your remodeling project uses. You can also harvest the bark of bamboo trees without having to cut them down.

There are options that will save water costs like low-flow showerheads and toilets or grey water irrigation systems. There are upgrades that will save you electricity like energy efficient appliances and solar panels.

Another surprising effect of green remodeling is the more insulated, nearly airtight home. This energy efficient solution caused an ironic problem. Entire homes filled with stale and stagnant air. And worse, the environments bred Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the health problems that came with them. So new ventilation solutions were created.

Turns out going green can cost you a lot of green

New offerings come with higher costs. Increased insulation, earth-friendly paints, energy-efficient appliances all involve significantly higher price tags.

When deciding for yourself on these earth-friendly upgrades you can measure the value in two ways – the improvement to the earth and the impact on your finances. A more efficient home will undoubtedly cost you less money to maintain, so you simply need to do the math. How long will it take for you to reap the benefits of the more expensive upgrades? And will you be in your home long enough for the savings from those upgrades to, essentially, pay for themselves?

Do you want to save the planet or just a little money?

The bottom line with green remodeling is completely up to you. With all the options out there, you can find a mix that helps your bank account as much as your environment. If you’re looking just at the financial aspect, be patient and rely on the long-term savings to make it economically viable.

And don’t forget that right now new energy efficiency standards are already being written into codebooks. In a matter of just a few years, green won’t be an issue. These earth-friendly practices will become the standard. And we’ll no longer call it green remodeling; this phenomenon will simply evolve into the industry’s new normal.