Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2013

January 11th 2013

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2013

Award-winning Johnson County Home Remodeling Company, Built By Design, Reveals Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2013

Move over Tuscan and Mediterranean-inspired, grandiose style. Leawood kitchen remodeling is doing a 180° and returning to cleaner, simpler lines. We hesitate to label kitchen remodeling trends as modern, contemporary or what not, but whatever you call it, kitchen design is leaning toward streamlined functionality, subtlety and openness.

What’s trending in kitchen remodeling for 2013

Kitchen cabinetry. Straight out of the interior design magazines, painted cabinetry is very popular in Leawood kitchen remodeling right now. Grays, whites, neutrals…any color is possible with paint. Darker kitchen cabinets like cherry wood seem to be falling out of favor. Even natural wood cabinetry is taking on the natural look, being manufactured in lighter woods and finished with a clear gloss.

Frameless cabinet doors (also called full overlay doors) and inset doors (flush mounted to the cabinet) punctuate the clean, simple lines of 2013’s return to streamlined subtlety. Straight, contemporary handles and knobs complement the frameless and inset cabinet doors. Brushed nickel or silver have replaced shiny bronze.

Kitchen appliances. The days of stainless steel appliances and their larger-than-life presence in the kitchen are waning. Hiding kitchen appliances under cabinets or blending them with the space is the latest kitchen remodeling trend. Microwaves are being moved above built-in ovens or placed behind doors. Cook tops, especially induction cook tops, are heating up so to speak. Cook top hoods have taken over the space once devoted to the microwave. If you’ve always wanted an induction cook top, now is a good time to buy since the prices are coming down.

Granite counter tops. In 30 years, granite counter tops may be the formica of the day. For now, granite continues to be the kitchen remodeling counter top of choice for Kansas City and Leawood home remodelers. Higher end Leawood kitchen remodels may include quartz. Quartz is a more durable material than granite, but also more expensive. With granite’s affordability and choice of colors and looks, granite is the clear winner and its popularity shows no sign of slowing.

Farmer’s sink with apron fronts. Not 50/50 sinks. Not even 60/40 or 70/30 kitchen sinks. But one bowl farmer’s sinks are popular and have been for a few years now.  The one bowl is functional and the apron front adds an interesting aesthetic element.

Glass tile backsplashes. Glass tile comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to match virtually any kitchen color scheme. Add under cabinet lighting for a beautiful effect of light play.

What hasn’t changed in Leawood kitchen remodeling

Open floor plans are here to stay. They’ve been the base design for kitchen remodeling for a while now and builders are continuing to design/build homes with this open and free-flowing floor plan.

If you live in an older Leawood home, consider remodeling the space to open it up to adjacent areas like the dining area, living room, etc. Removing half walls and pass throughs is relatively easy and will add a sense of immediate “gained” space. Even half walls with counter tops can be overlaid with granite to create a table-like surface. Add stools to the other side and voila—instant open space and more seating area.

Homeowners in the Midwest and Kansas City area love their hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood flooring eliminates the maintenance and special care real hardwood requires. New engineered hardwood flooring material is quicker to install, requires no special upkeep and is durable. If you want to get truly luxurious, engineered hardwood is the perfect material for radiant heat flooring—a nice touch in Kansas City’s cold winter.