Remodeling? Here are the Latest Trends in Flooring Options

July 3rd 2013

Remodeling? Here are the Latest Trends in Flooring Options

We’ve said it before, but we have to say it again: when it comes flooring options and remodeling trends, hardwood floors reigns supreme in Johnson County, Kansas homes. Ripping up carpet and replacing it with hardwood flooring is a remodeling trend that has survived the test of time and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

In fact, hardwood flooring options are expanding, both in your choice of types and colors as well the rooms in which it is installed. Recently, we’ve had several remodeling clients expand this flooring option from the kitchen throughout their entire homes—even in upstairs hallways and on staircases.

Though carpet is still a popular flooring option for bedrooms, homeowners are opting to replace carpeting in other areas of their homes for several reasons. To name a few… Carpet stains. Carpet nap gets tramped down easily. It’s a magnet for pet hair. Plus there are allergy concerns associated with carpeting that are minimized or eliminated entirely with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood remains at the top of the remodeling trends list and there are more flooring options today from which to choose. Material is number one. Homeowners have two choices: laminate and prefinished hardwood flooring. Laminate hardwood is manufactured to look like the real deal, but it can feel like an engineered product. This flooring option can squeak and bend if the subfloor isn’t laid perfectly, which is hard to do considering most homes have uneven surfaces. Since subflooring comes in panels, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to create a smooth surface. The subflooring panels create ridges and dips at the seams. Since laminate planks are thin, they can follow every dip making a rippled appearance.

Prefinished hardwood flooring options is the true hardwood floor. The planks are finished and stained at the factory and come in several colors and finishes. Occasionally, we’ll need to install unfinished hardwood planks and finish them with a stain to match custom-ordered cabinets. But most homeowners prefer to avoid the smell of the finishing process and the hassle of not being to walk on the floor while the stain dries.

We get asked about resanding and refinishing existing hardwood floors. This is an option, and a cost effective one if you’re not replacing any cabinetry, undergoing more of a renovation than a full remodel or have damage (say from a dishwasher leak). But if you’re changing out cabinets, it’s better to replace. Original hardwood floors are typically installed up to the cabinet edge. New cabinets don’t always match the measurements of the old ones, leaving gaps. Replacing the flooring results in a more up-to-date look, installed to the measurements of your new room layout.

Remodeling trends in hardwood flooring options include wider planks. More homeowners are opting for wider 4 ½” to 5” planks over the common 2 ¼” ones to update the room’s look. Another remodeling trend is hand scraped hardwoods. These planks have a softer textured, more distressed appearance compared to the traditional basketball court look.

Vinyl and tile flooring options aren’t nearly as popular as hardwood. However, there are new vinyl flooring options out there that are designed to look like other materials. This isn’t your mother’s vinyl flooring, this new crop makes people ask, “What is that?” Tile, once a big remodeling trend, has lost favor among homeowners due to functionality. It’s loud. It echoes and many homeowners found themselves covering it with rugs to reduce noise.