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December 7th 2017

2018 Trends For Whole Home Remodels

With a new year comes fresh goals and unique expectations. You might think that these are brought on in the form of personal resolutions but no, it’s what the home …

remodeled house in process with white windows that is grey
September 25th 2017

Why To Consider A Room Addition To Your Home

If you’ve considered a room addition to your home, chances are none of the below will be new information for you. If the thought has crossed your mind but …

master bathroom remodeling
June 21st 2017

7 Indulgent Add-ons Your Master Bath Needs

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the most personal of all. And when it comes to home remodeling, the master bath is where you can add …

remodeled house in process with white windows that is grey
June 15th 2017

The Bigger Picture of Whole House Remodeling

Many Johnson County home remodeling projects are minor, focusing on little features and individual rooms. These jobs are often simple, leaving homeowners with smaller updates rather than the all-encompassing challenges …

Room Additions in Home
May 30th 2017

Kitchen So Small You Can Only Make Mini Muffins? Use This Recipe for a Remodel

Don’t move! Add on. If you love your home but you wish you had a bigger kitchen, a 3-car garage, a finished basement, another bedroom, etc., all you need …