The 5 Biggest Master Bath Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

August 2nd 2012

The 5 Biggest Master Bath Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The ideas for remodeling a master bath come easy. The execution? Not so easy. When it comes to embarking on a master bath remodel, it isn’t the style or design that creates problems. It’s the remodeling process that can get tricky. And when a bath remodel goes off track, it can quickly become expensive and frustrating. Anyone who has tackled a bath remodeling project knows to expect the unexpected. Here are the top five mistakes homeowners make and how you can avoid them.

Master bath remodeling mistake #1: Doing it yourself.

Sinks. Toilets. Showers. Bath tubs. A lot of intricate plumbing is involved with master bath remodeling, especially if you want to move something elsewhere in the bath. Anytime you work with plumbing, you’re working with water, which has a mind of its own. Most plumbing is hidden behind walls and tile, under flooring and under cabinets. You never know what you’ll find behind a wall. And if any of the pipes and connections aren’t properly installed, water can leak causing damage that could take months or years to realize.

Professional remodelers insist on them, but do-it-yourselfers are less likely to have inspections performed. This is a big turn-off for most homebuyers and could impact your home’s resale value.

Master bath remodeling mistake #2: Installing low-grade fixtures.

There are places where you can save money on your bath remodel. Your fixtures aren’t one of them though. Fixtures have the potential to leak and drip creating a big expensive water damage mess. Invest in quality fixtures. Otherwise, you may be spending more money down the road replacing cheap fixtures and the damage they cause.

Master bath remodeling mistake #3: Choosing form over function.

We’ll be the first to agree that the photo of the claw foot tub smack dab in the bath looks terrific. We’ll also be the first to ask you to think again before putting one in the middle of your master bath. It’s beautiful, yes. Functional? No. Same goes for open showers. Sure, not having a shower door to clean is enticing and looks modern. But chances are, you’ll just end up taking drafty showers wishing for a door to close in winter. Form and function has to be a perfect balance in order to create a master bath that you’ll be happy with for years.

Master bath remodeling mistake #4: Underestimating the time a project will take.

Even the most typical master bath remodeling project takes six to seven weeks to finish. Expect longer for more detailed jobs. It’s important to be prepared for this since remodeling your bath is intrusive. After all, contractors will be walking through your most private space every day.

Master bath remodeling mistake #5: Hiring the wrong contractor.

Speaking of walking through your private space… Hire a contractor you trust. One who is licensed, thorough with the remodeling bid and contract and whose work you’ve seen and like. Choose Overland Park and Olathe’s best remodeling company. Choose Built By Design.