What’s the Difference Between Home Remodeling and Home Renovation?

April 16th 2013

What’s the Difference Between Home Remodeling and Home Renovation?

Home remodeling and home renovation are often used interchangeably. But remodeling and renovation are two completely different services with different goals for a homeowner.

Home renovation involves repairing or returning your Johnson County, Kansas home back to its original condition. Renovation is necessary when an event like flooding or a fire damages your home and you want it back the way it was. Homeowners who live in historical homes undertake renovation work to restore the house back to its original grandeur.

Home remodeling is changing fundamental aspects of your home to make it more livable and functional through better design. Built By Design provides home remodeling services instead of renovation work. Our home remodeling contractors leave the repair and historical work to the renovation experts and we focus on improving design—especially the areas that builders tend to overlook or ignore like bathrooms and kitchens.

When it comes to bathrooms, builders typically install one vanity with two sinks and almost no counter space. They also place the shower and toilet in the same room and dedicate a lot of space to jetted tubs. Builders aren’t as concerned with lighting as remodelers are and place a couple of can lights over the sink.

Instead of single vanities, we can install his and her vanities in a home remodeling project. We can make them taller and provide more counter space. Home remodeling for the bathroom often involves separating the shower and toilet into their own spaces. For homeowners who spend less time in the tub, we place more emphasis on enlarging the shower area and adding functional features like a bench and interesting tile work. More lighting is often added during a home remodel over the shower, on the walls and overhead.

Builders lay carpet in bathrooms because it is the cheaper flooring option. But carpet in a bathroom is a bad idea because it gets wet, eventually molds and stains so easily. During a home remodeling project, homeowners choose to install tile. Tile is durable, almost indestructible, doesn’t shrink and is easy to clean.

Home remodeling can improve kitchen functionality. The majority of builders install a slide in range, but the cook top and stove should be separate with the oven mounted higher. During home remodeling, we place the oven at comfortable arm level so you’re not bending over to use it. Counter space and lighting issues are similar to a bath’s. Refrigerators need a landing area on which to set things. Builders put in 2-3 can lights and call it a day. During a home remodel you can install under cabinet, task and pendant lighting in addition to the can lights.

Home remodeling is your opportunity to incorporate livability and functionality into the original house design. Most builders keep an eye on the bottom line and take a checklist approach to building. Their job is to include a kitchen and set number of baths. In home remodeling, our job is to ensure those things match your needs, your style and your way of life.