Breaking Through Fifty Shades of Johnson County Beige

November 7th 2014

Breaking Through Fifty Shades of Johnson County Beige

If you live in a Johnson County, Kansas, subdivision with Homeowners Association covenants, then you’re all to familiar with the bylaws that dictate your home’s exterior appearance. From exterior paint color to roofing materials and even your landscaping, you’re pretty much limited as to the degree you can display your exceptional style and unique personality.

If you need guidance or inspiration, your home remodeler is as good a resource as any. We are in and out of a lot of homes in neighborhoods across the metro area. We see what is trending, and we know what has staying power. We know what works in theory, and we know what works in reality. Best of all, we know how to give you the look you want with the materials most popular today so you’ll still love your interior remodel five… ten… fifteen years down the road.

What’s hotter than fifty shades of beige in home remodeling?

Let’s start with the hot spot of any home. No, not the bedroom. The kitchen. Hardwood floors are still a kitchen staple. Period. Golden oak cabinets are old news. Today, there are more options than ever whether you decide to keep them or rip them out to start from scratch. Wood colors run the gamut from light such as birch to dark like cherry and mahogany and walnut. Techniques and finishes have evolved to the point where cabinets can be painted using distressing and antiquing. Both gives old kitchen cabinets depth and texture, which is a huge improvement over the days when painted cabinets looked, well… painted with a spray can. Just remember that refreshing older cabinets means you give up the possibility of having the hidden hinges of new cabinets.

As for the countertops, quartz is inching its way up slowly in popularity, but is lagging thank to its higher cost. You can’t go wrong with granite. To update the look of granite, the edges are being softened with tumbled edges in contrast to sharp angles of years past. The same goes for kitchen back splashes. Tumbled stone tiles have replaced laser cut factory edges. Tumbling the tile stones (yep, just like in a dryer) gives off a very natural look with rougher edges.

No kitchen is complete today without an island. Islands aren’t only functional, but also they are the perfect opportunity for creating dramatic contrast. For example, a light-colored island contrasts against dark wood cabinets. The color of the island countertop should contrast with that of the perimeter countertops. Appliance-wise, stainless steel is not the new black. Black with stainless steel accents is the new black.

Remember, a good kitchen remodel is as much about improving functionality as it is aesthetics. Home builders build houses, checking things off of a list. Cabinets? Check. Microwave over stove? Check. It’s a standard layout. It’s not necessarily a functional layout. Breaking free from the status quo kitchen design is your chance design your space like it should’ve been in the first place. Your way.

Breaking beige in the bathroom

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to say good-bye to carpeted bathroom floors. Tile floors in the bathroom are still a smart and classic call. Granite and marble bathroom countertops are still the upgrade of choice for the majority of homeowners. Marble has a warm feel and looks softer than granite, which parallels the trend of moving away from the shiny, antiseptic toward the warm, natural side. Marble is a nice compromise because it’s not quite matte, but not gleaming like granite. Like in the kitchen, bathrooms remodels are taking the edge off. Stealing the look of stone, we’re using more chiseled edges to add texture for a natural look.

Glass, natural stone and metal accents are breaking up the sea of tile in the shower. These accents are installed in bands to break up the walls and add a visual focal point. Stainless steel is an option. And oil-rubbed bronze gains a patina for a look that changes over time.

Stone is coming back

If there were a material of the year award, stone would be a formidable contender, if not the winner. We’re using a lot of stone in basement remodels in the traditional ways such as around the fireplace, but also as accents. Stone can be applied to the front of a wet bar and support posts instead of sheetrock for visual interest.

Yes, we’ve all heard the joke about the shade of Johnson County beige. But, we also know that it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Even though you may not be able to paint your house any color you want on the outside, you can transform the interior into whatever your heart desires with a little help from your helpful home remodeler.